About Me

In A Few Words

Namaste, I am Nava Dhungel. I have been working as a professional music video - advertising director and photographer in Nepal since 2010 and in the Nepali community in the United States since 2022. I have done 80’s and over 30 TV commercials. im Also worked as a Seniour Program Producer on News 24 and e 24 television for 3 years. and also associated as a story director at Nepal Idol season 3.

I also started ArtistNepal.com under the banner of Artist Nepal Network Pvt Ltd. as Nepal's first Digital Artist Portfolio Magazine since 2009.

Under this company, I am the director of ArtistNepal Studios for professional photography and video production and founder director of ArtistNepal Media Network with the aim of collaborating with various media houses.

About My Work

Photo & Video

I have my own big production team in Nepal for making music videos, advertisements, documentaries & reality shows. I am working as a photographer with Nepali Community in America, Newyork. Including wedding, birthday or other family auspicious functions, concert or other event photoshoots, product photoshoots, modeling portfolio photoshoots, food photography and more. Get in touch and tell me about the kind of photos you’d like to have for your need. We can then work together to create unforgettable moments for your invitations or thank you cards.

Available Packages:
1. Mini Package (50 images)
2. Medium Package (100 of images)
3. Maxi Package (150 of images)

For more details, please contact me.

Nava's Affiliated Companies & Organizations

ArtistNepal Media Network

Artist Nepal Media Network, under the Artist Nepal Network, is specially run with the aim of collaborating with Nepali radio, newspapers, television and online (digital media).We are excited to work with local, regional and national media.

ArtistNepal Studios

ArtistNepal Studios is a creative production studio and photography agency. We have over 10 years of experience in music video creation, advertising, and high quality photography in Nepal which Founded by Mr. Nava Dhungel,, Director of the ArtistNepal Network Pvt. Ltd.


artistnepal.com is a community of Nepali artists spread across the globe, where the profiles and information of all new and old artists will be archived. Since 2010 we have launched artistnepal.com with this goal in mind.

Nepal Idol

Nepal Idol is Nepal's first international franchise reality show and a show that has produced many new musical talents. i worked as a senior program producer and story director in Nepal Idol Season 4 broadcasted by AP Television.

News 24 Nepal

News 24 Television is a famous channel of Nepal. I was working in this TV from 2010 to 2011 as a studio producer and producer of music, film and fashion related programs in the entertainment genre.

Film Journalist Association of Nepal.

Since 2015/2016, I have been an associate member of Film Journalists Association of Nepal as a representative of Artist Nepal Media Network.